Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil

There is a lot of marketing hype about these products. Educating our patients on the science behind Zilis Ultracell is essential. The Zilis Ultracell CBD products are NOT like any other CBD products on the market today. The Zilis Ultracell we carry at SupraCare have proven data and research on actual patients, similar to nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. For us to carry a product, we require research validated safety and efficacy. With Zilis UltraCell CBD, the product is assured to be clean, organic, and proven to work well. Based on common knowledge oil-based supplements are weakly absorbed. Most CBD oils are only absorbed at 6% or less. With the Zilis UltraCell technology, we bring you a water-soluble version of this wondrous supplement. The water solubility enhances CBD absorbtion up to 94%. Better absorption equals BEST results. Our product is organically sourced from Colorado and it is extracted using a CO2 method which does not heat or harm the CBD. Please join us to discover the effectiveness of Zilis. 

UltraCell is a full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich, and water-soluble hemp oil. Our team of experts delicately extracts the complete oil profile of certified USDA organic hemp to make every bottle of UltraCell. This amazing botanical includes hundreds other biologically active compounds, each one with its own potential for health benefits for our endocannabinoid systems. The Federal Farm bill allows hemp-derived products to contain as much as 0.3% THC per dry weight. All batches of UltraCell are independently tested and verified at the time of bottling to contain less then 0.0% THC. 


UltraCell is derived using full spectrum hemp oil extract, known as cannbidiol, or CBD. While CBD has known health benefits, the reality is that other CBD-isolate products cannot benefit the body like our phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum hemp oil.  UltraCell contains over 400 biologically active compounds, including CBD and an entuorage of other cannbinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. By utilizing all aspects of the hemp plant in its natural state, UltraCell creates an enviroment where the natural compounds work together to create a synergistic effect. When it comes to UltraCell, the true sum of the whole is greater than the parts. UltraCell makes the power of the hemp plant fully available, the way nature intended. 







For more Zilis products, visitwww.zilis.com/supracare  Prices vary

We do not condone the use of marijuana or illicit drugs.


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